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Die Casting Parts A Pressure Casting Part

Die casting is a pressure casting parts, is the use of casting mold casting pressure casting machine die casting machine, will be heated to liquid copper, zinc, aluminum or aluminum alloy and other metal into the die-casting machine inlet, the die casting machine Die-casting, casting molds that limit the shape and size of copper, zinc, aluminum parts or aluminum parts, such parts are usually called die castings. Die castings in different places, such as die-casting parts, pressure castings, die castings, die-cast aluminum, die-cast zinc pieces, die-cast copper pieces, copper die castings, zinc die castings, aluminum die castings, Alloy castings, aluminum alloy die-casting parts.

Casting application

Agricultural machinery 40 ~ 70% Machine tools: 70 ~ 80% of the weight Castings die castings can be manufactured as die-casting auto parts, die-casting automotive engine parts, die-casting air conditioning parts, die-casting gasoline engine cylinder cylinder head, die-casting valve rocker, Power casting accessories, die-casting decorative parts, die-casting rails accessories, die-casting rounds and so on parts, with the domestic manufacturing equipment industry continues to improve the level of development, die-casting machine, die-casting machine parts, die-casting machine parts, Equipment level is also significantly improved, can create parts of the category are constantly expanding, die-casting parts of the accuracy of the complexity of the parts have also been greatly improved, I believe in the near future, die casting will be better service In our production and life.

Die casting defect solution

One, flow marks

Other names: stripes.

Features: Casting on the surface showing the same flow direction with the molten metal, hand feel the local subsidence smooth lines. This defect has no direction of development, with a polishing method to go.


1, two shares of metal flow is not synchronized with the cavity and left traces.

2, mold temperature is low, such as zinc alloy mold temperature below 150 ℃, aluminum mold temperature below 180 ℃, are prone to such defects.

3, filling speed is too high.

4, the amount of paint too much. In the case of


1, adjust the inner gate cross-sectional area or position.

2, adjust the mold temperature, increase the overflow slot.

3, appropriate to adjust the filling speed to change the metal liquid filling cavity flow.

4, the use of thin and uniform paint.

Second, cold, water lines

Other names: cold (docking), watermark.

Features: low temperature of the metal flow with each other but not fusion and the emergence of the gap, was irregular linear, penetrating and not penetrate the two, in the role of external forces under the development trend.


1, metal casting temperature is low or mold temperature is low.

2, alloy composition does not meet the standards, poor mobility.

3, metal liquid stocks filled, poor fusion.

4, the gate is unreasonable, the process is too long.

5, filling speed is low or poor exhaust.

6, lower than the pressure. In the case of


1, the appropriate increase in casting temperature and mold temperature.

2, change the alloy composition, improve mobility.

3, to improve the pouring system, increase the gate speed, improve the filling conditions.

4, to improve the overflow conditions, increase the overflow.

5, to improve the injection speed, improve the exhaust conditions.

6, to improve the pressure

Three, abrasions

Other names: pull, pull marks, stick mold scar.

Features: Along the direction of stripping, due to metal adhesion, mold manufacturing slope is too small to cause the casting surface of the traces of injury, serious as a wound surface.


1, the core, the wall of the casting slope is too small or the emergence of inverted tilt.

2, core, type wall pressure scars.

3, alloy adhesive mold.

4, castings out of the skew, or core axis skew.

5, the wall surface rough.

6, paint often spray less than.

7, aluminum alloy iron content of less than 0.6%.


1, modify the mold, to ensure that manufacturing slope.

2, light indentation.

3, a reasonable design gating system, to avoid the metal flow hedging core, type wall, appropriate to reduce the filling speed.

4, modify the mold structure.

5, lighting the surface.

6, the amount of thin and uniform coating, can not leak spray paint.

7, the appropriate increase in iron content to 0.6 ~ 0.8%.

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The contact:Susan Liao




Add:Building 69-70, 4th Industrial Zone, Mashantou, Gongming Town,Shenzhen,China.

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